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A Brief History

Like many IT companies in the world, the establishment of PT Core Mediatech is a carefully engineered movement by its parent company PT Dyviacom Intrabumi Tbk to spin-off the most growing IT Infrastructure & Solution division within the company into its own affiliated entity. With this spin-off, the IT Infrastructure & Solution division becomes PT Core Mediatech which continues to strengthen the well-known brand “D-NET” by implementing the latest and most available technology for its clients.

It all started in the year 1995 when D-NET officially received its operational licenses from The Ministry of Post & Telecommunication to launch its service as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Within a year D-NET quickly became the key-note player in the internet industry. The success was due to the management’s decision to offer internet access with speed eight times faster than other existed ISP companies at the time. Internet backbone which becomes the main key of D-NET is supported by fiber optic main channel and back up by satellite directly connected to the internet backbone in the United States. The whole system and network are designed by sound international information technology consultants which enable D-NET to develop rapidly and be able to accommodate the increasingly numbers of individual and corporate users. A well-planned network system and resilient infrastructure were necessary to support D-NET’s main focus of encouraging the interest of Internet users in Indonesia and to enhance corporate users, institutions as well as the Small Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s) to utilize the Internet technology in their business.


In January 1997, D-NET focused its attention to develop the youth market. Experiences had shown that young people reacted positively toward new technology invention. They were the ones who applied technology as part of their modern ‘life style’. Therefore to further encourage the use of Internet and to increase the popularity of D-NET, this company then launched a youth portal called Diffy.Com. The outcome of Diffy.Com was quite overwhelming. There were many exciting programs for young netters found in this portal, such as, on-line chatting, consultation, shopping, celebrities’ news, also spiritual development. The highlight of Diffy’s existence was at the end of the year 2000, when MarkPlus & Co in the 12BC Awards 2000 nominated this portal as the best portal.

With the ever-growing needs by the SME’s and following the main focus of the company since the beginning, which was to develop the SME’s market using Internet, the company in 1998 established its new division called ‘D-NET IT Infrastructure & Solution’. This new division was aimed to provide services in selecting the most suitable application according to the clients’ specification, establishing Local/Wide Area Network, installing network security system, completely setting-up the internet infrastructure in major industrial estates, commercial parks, office buildings, apartment complex and airport area. Basic IT services, such as, web design and programming, leased line and domain name creation was continually available.


For D-NET it was a calculated step to become a public company since this company was preparing itself to enter projects with foreign partners as well as to expand it into rural areas.  In regard to projects with foreign partners, D-NET had succeeded signing contract with multinational companies residing in Indonesia to develop IT solution.

Throughout the years 2001-2003, D-NET continued to expand its business in the area of application development and IT Solution for retail and corporate clients, products such as VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and franchise were promoted. In year 2005 the shifting from retail into corporate area its becoming apparent, company involves in wireless, fiber optic, Internet Ready Port, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other infrastructure base on IP or Open Source. This expansion added the lists of divisions in D-NET’s portfolio, such as retail & individual services, creative design, portal development (SPINFOX.COM – Directory of Events portal) as well as IT Infrastructure & Solution.

Entering the year 2006, D-NET’s expanded its services to cover more research & development areas. It was the year where new technology came into play by adapting its infrastructure to use Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6). The migration from IPV4 to IPV6 was to be achieved by the year 2008 and should be seamless. D-NET’s clients should not feel the inconveniences of this migration.

At the same time, D-NET’s services toward its retail customers remain to be strong and demanding. The company began to experience an overwhelming commitment to continue keep-up with its high quality of service. It is therefore, in the year 2007 to maintain its commitment, PT Core Mediatech was established to take over two divisions, which were, the portal development division and the IT Infrastructure & Solution Division along with its trademark “D-NET”.

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