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Management Team

Rudy Hari

President Commissioner & Founder

Rudy Hari completed his study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering Parahyangan University, Bandung in 1988.  He then continued with his Master Program at the Faculty of Business Information System, Utah State University, Logan, United States of America, and graduated in 1990.  Rudy started his career as Field Supervisor at PT Indonakano Gumi, Jakarta (1987 – 1988).  Then he became Assistant Manager at Citibank, Jakarta (1990 – 1993).  After that, he held the position of General Manager at PT Cipta Cakra Murdaya (1993 – 1994).  Then he held the position of Director at PT Dyviamitra Nusantara (1994 – 1995).  Since 1995 up to the present he has been the President Commissioner of PT Dyviacom Intrabumi Tbk. Concurrently, he is also the President Commisioner of PT Core Mediatech.

Sylvia W. Sumarlin

President Director & Founder

Sylvia W. Sumarlin acquired her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the Faculty of Economics, Syracuse University, United States of America in 1986.

Following that, she then pursued 2 (two) Master of Arts degrees in International Relations and the other one in Economics.  She earned both graduate degrees in 1989.  All of these degrees, BA and MAs, were from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA.
Sylvia started her career at Hewlett-Packard in 1984.  Then immediately  following  her Master Degree graduation she joined Citibank US Private Banking in New York City as Management Associate in early 1990.

In the mid 1990, Sylvia decided to move up by joining Kinkosha Incorporated in San Francisco as Finance Manager.  A new challenge and opportunity occurred in 1992 when she was offered a position as Finance Director for Norfil Textile Ltd. In Belfast, Northern Ireland.  The headquarters of the company was in London and its factory was located in Belfast.  After having spent so many years living abroad, Sylvia returned to Indonesia and started her own company in 1993, PT Dyvia Andalan Indonesia (DAI).  This company specialized in providing consultancy in the area of factory management.  While developing DAI, Sylvia received 2 (two) certifications from Neville Clarke, which were ISO 9000 Lead Assessor in October 1994 and ISO 9000 Internal Auditor.  By 1995, Sylvia saw the opportunity of obtaining the Internet Service Provider License from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication then quickly set up a new company, PT Dyviacom Intrabumi Tbk.  In this company, Sylvia has been the President Director since 1995 until present.

In terms of her professional activities, Sylvia has held various positions in many organizations. Recently she is elected as The Vice Chair – ICT Division for The Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (2006-2009), Chairperson for The Indonesia Internet Service Providers Association (2006-2009), Secretary General for The Indonesia Information Technology Federation (2006-2009). In the International arena, Sylvia was chosen twice in a row as the Judge for The Asia Pacific Information Communication Technology in the year 2006 and 2007. At the establishment of PT Core Mediatech since 2007, Sylvia became the President Director.

Taufik Aldjuffry


Taufik Aldjuffry acquired his bachelor degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, ISTN (National Institute of Science and Technology), Jakarta in 1991.  He started his career as Project Manager at PT Swadaya Ridatama (1990 – 1992).  Then Taufik held the position of Project Engineer at PT Inter Century Business (1992 – 1993).  In 1994, Taufik was offered a position as General Manager PT Dyviamitra Nusantara, an exclusive marketing agency for Standard Chartered Bank.  Since 2000, he joined PT Dyviacom Intrabumi Tbk. as Commissioner then in 2001 became Director until now.  Since the formation of PT Core Mediatech, in which Taufik was the key person to expand the IT solution area at  this company, he was appointed by the shareholders to become the Director.

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