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Managed Service - Email Hosting

Email or electronic mail is a modern way to communicate by writing a mail and send it through the Internet. Because of it's eficiency and simplicity, nowdays, it has become one of the communication standards and play critical role in business communication in many corporations. Email lost and delay could mean loss of business opportunity, security can also become an issue as we don't want people accessing our emails, not to mention virus and junk-mail (spam) growing every day, wasting our time and disc space.
That's why we have D-NET Email Hosting Service that delivers easy, convinient and secure access to your emails!

Host emails using your own domain name (eg. you@yourdomain.com)
Access your email with POP3 or IMAP and webmail anywhere in the Internet.
Built in anti virus and spam filter for your convinience.
Customize you own mailboxes.
24/7 technical support.


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