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Value Added Services

Virtual Private Network:
Customer will be able to build Virtual Private Network over internet between Branch Office,  Head Quarter or another requirements.

Bandwidth Management:
Customer will be able to control traffic flow in a division/department or even to control traffic in and out at PC in their office. Traffic control will effect to Bandwidth efficiency

Load Balancing:
Traffic load could be controlled between two or more main backbone, redundant backbone in the same office.

Traffic Monitoring:
Customer will be able to control by their self flow of traffic in their office.

Maximum protection for network, D-NET will help to set-up firewall according to customer needs. 

Server Co-location:
Server co-location with IIX connection up to 100 Mbps and International connection starts from 1024Kbps.

Free Installation:
Free installation of Wireless LAN that interconnects internal computers, Notebook and PDA at Customer’s site.  Without using any cables, so it is practical and efficient.

Free Wireless ADSL Router and Firewall:
D-NET provides Wireless ADSL Router and Firewall for Internet access facility at Customer’s site through Notebook and PDA.

Free Router and Firewall setting:
D-NET performs Router and Firewall setting which ensures that customers will get maximum network protection.

Free Secondary MX Setting:
This functions as temporary e-mail accommodation storage in the event of a disturbance of local access.

Dedicated Server:
Dedicated Server with IIX connection up to 100 Mbps and International connection starts from1024 Kbps.

VPS (Virtual Private Server):
Low cost Virtualized Server with IIX connection up to 100 Mbps and International connection starts from1024 Kbps.

Free Traffic Monitoring:
The customer can monitor the capacity of Internet bandwidth used and can perform efficiency of usage based on the graph.

Free Public IP Address:
D-NET provides up to 16 Static IP Addresses.

Free Private Domain:
Customer will get free company.co.id/.com/.net /.org domain.

Free Hosting with cPanel:
Costumer will be able to control by their self password, forwarding, automatic reply, number and E-Mail size. To control zone, sub domain, alias, mx record, SPF for DNS, HTML, Mysql, php 5.x and file manager for web and FTP.

Free Anti Virus and Anti Spam:
This is intended to minimize the possibility of spamming and the spread of virus in e-mail.  D-NET uses Clam Anti Virus and Spamassasin.

With or Without Hardware:
Various packages are available, which can be conformed with customer’s requirement.  For instance, the requirement for Internet access only or Internet access complete with hardware and wireless network installation.

Microsoft Application or Open Source Application:
The customer can opt to use Linux or Microsoft application that is to be conformed with the requirement and the available budget.

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